This online store allows payment processing on the Ethereum mainnet. While test.php does the same on the test network ropsten. If you are a buyer, please do not expect delivery of items advertised on test.php. If you are a seller, please refrain from advertising on the live system items that you do not intend to ship. Please use a web browser with web3 capabilities to make payments: Opera browser for Android, or Metamask plugin for Google Chrome.


When opening a store merchants register Ethereum address where they would like to receive payments for their items. This information is saved in a MYSQL database along with items' price. Once a day Ethereum equivalent of items' prices is updated to adjust for new exchange rate.


Buyers accumulate in their carts various quantities of items from various sellers. When buyer is ready to pay a simple Ethereum contract is compiled to disburse payment among wallets of merchants whose items were bought.

A contract consists of one payable function that disburses payments among sellers and compensates website for contract's deployment. Contract is compiled by a solc compiler in the background and deployed by the same background task. Once the receipt is obtained for the transaction that deployed a payment contract, a JavaScript code is inserted into the cart page to facilitate payment to the contract.

Please Email any questions or suggestions you may have.